The World is waiting for America to lead.  America now has the Plan and Technology to give Every Citizen One Voice Now.  The plan can NOW be used in Every Country around the World giving a Voice and Freedom to all Citizens of the World Equally!


Our mission is to educate and give a voice to the people of our community by establishing the communication technology, which allows them to participate and have a continuous voice on governmental, political, and community issues.


Fixing America starts locally. The fix isn’t in Washington, Indianapolis, Lansing, or any other
state capitol. The people in each locality, communicating and working together, provide the only
way to build a bright future for our children and theirs.

Here is the basic idea. Specifically,

  1.  YOU THE PEOPLE raise the issues to make your community better.
  2.  YOU THE PEOPLE watch debates on those issues on TV.
  3.  YOU THE PEOPLE vote on those issues with any touch tone phone.
honeycomb map only.jpg

The Politicians have figured this trick out a long time ago. They have been remapping America forever with Gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is remapping a district so they can get either elected or re-elected.

The Postal Service figured it out by remapping America with Zip Codes.

The Phone Company figured it out by Remapping America with Area Codes..

NOW! We the People have to figure it out...In order to get Organized, We the People have to Remap America as well...Your Community will now look like a Hexagon....

The Plan is simple..Use Your Local Public Broadcasting Station as Your Local Issue Channel...Build a Community Computer that will House Your Community Voter Data Base. Citizens can watch Issues that Affect Their Lives over the Television and Vote by Phone on Interested Issues. The Computer will Prevent people from Voting more than once..A 21st Century Of the People, By the People and finally, For the People System...